Threat Assessment, Violence Prevention, and Conflict Resolution for K-12 Education Professionals

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Every educator and every parent is keenly aware of the impact of violent and disruptive behavior both inside and outside of school. They are confronted with the issue of how they should confront, assess and manage threats and threatening behavior.

Threat Assessment, Violence Prevention, and Conflict Resolution for Education Professionals is a survey course for professionals that utilizes and explains the Secret Service and US Department of Education Safe Schools Initiative and the role that Threat Assessment and Management principles can be utilized to help prevent school violence.

The training covers issues such as bullying prevention, gangs and relationship violence and finally provides an overview of conflict resolution techniques that can be used to help prevent everyday disputes from becoming dangerous.

This CEU is designed to provide institutional and personal safety information and training for education professionals in K-12.  Upon completion, you will be able to sort out the facts and the myths and then provide you with training and, more importantly, resources to help you prevent and manage potentially dangerous situations.

If you have any questions about the Threat Assessment, Violence Prevention, and Conflict Resolution Training Course, please contact Dr. Don Chaney at

Registration is currently closed