Avoiding a Lawsuit: Employment Strategies for Dentists

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Avoiding a Lawsuit: Employment Strategies for Dentists
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In today’s litigious society, it is estimated that 45% of dentists will get sued by current or former employees. Lawsuits can cost dentists hundreds of thousands of dollars and are usually not covered by insurance, which can impact dentist’s wealth accumulation goals significantly. Having both knowledge, policies, and strategies in place to ensure compliance is critical for the financial growth of the practice and dentists. This hands-on workshop will provide dentists with the knowledge of relevant laws that apply to dental practices, assess areas of vulnerability within the practice, and formulate strategies to implement a successful practice compliance program.


  • Understand the Federal, State and local employment laws that dentists are required to comply with as employers
  • Assess areas of risk within the dental practice
  • Identify additional Dental Practice Act regulations and State-specific statutes that impact dental practice management
  • Align practice compliance strategies as wealth accumulation strategies
  • Identify positive practice policies which reduce potential lawsuits and audits
  • Discuss legal risks, turnover costs, and litigation fees and consequences
  • Synthesize presented information to create an Action Plan for a practice compliance program