9th Annual Veterinary Forensic Sciences Conference, 2016

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9th Annual Veterinary Forensic Sciences Conference (Part 3)
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Welcome to the 9th Annual Veterinary Forensic Sciences Conference (Part 3 of 3)!
This program is divided into 3 sections.


Part 1: Lectures by the following speakers, $75 

  • Randall Lockwood, PhD - Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence: The Cruelty Connection and its Implications for Veterinary Pathology (49:47)
  • Amanda Fitch, MS, CCSA - Animal Crime Scene Processing and Documentation (56:15)
  • Rachel Touroo, DVM - The Role of the Forensic Veterinarian On Scene and Off (49:39)
  • Tabitha Viner, DVM, DACVP - You Are Not Alone: the Interdisciplinary Nature of Veterinary Forensics (27:13)
  • John Thompson, Deputy Executive Director, National Sheriffs' Association - Animal Abuse and Law Enforcement (44:03)
  • Lora Dunn, Interim Director & Staff Attorney, the Criminal Justice Program, Animal Legal Defense Fund - Can I Do That? Ethics Issues & Animal Cruelty Cases (36:00)
  • Phil Arkow, National Link Coalition - The Cruelty Connection: Practical Guidance for the Effective Recognition and Response by Veterinarians to Suspected Animal Cruelty and Other Family Violence (52:52)
  • Jennifer Woolf, DVM, MS - "Obie": Neglect and Fraud in a Service Dog (37:55)

Part 2: Lectures by the following speakers, $75 

  • Sharon Gwaltney-Brant DVM, PhD, DABVT, DABT - Drugs Used in Blood Sports (39:06)
  • Michelle Welch, Virginia Assistant Attorney General - The Mechanics of Trying an Animal Fighting Case (1:03:17)
  • Lora Dunn,  Interim Director & Staff Attorney, Criminal Justice Program, Animal Legal Defense Fund - Release the Hounds: Using Pre-Conviction Forfeiture To Save Seized Animals From Re-Victimization (33:21) 
  • Martha Smith-Blackmore, DVM - Words with Canine Friends (42:04)
  • Rebecca Kagan, DVM, DACVP - Sorting Out Sharp Force Trauma: Incisions, Lacerations, Fight Wounds, Depredation and Scavenging (31:02) 
  • Katie Rubin, MS - New Research Into the Uptake of Toxic Substances by Bone (15:01) 
  • Jessica Hvozdovich, BS, BA - Detection of Pentobarbital in Decomposing Canines (12:05)
  • Jason W. Brooks, VMD, PhD, DACVP - Estimating the Postmortem Interval (56:57)
  • Michelle Welch, Virginia Assistant Attorney General - Creation and Implementation of Statewide Animal Law Prosecution Units (39:41) 

Part 3: Lectures by the following speakers, $75 

  • Anabela Moreira - Portugal: Five Years of Forensic Sciences in Veterinary Medicine (49:02)
  • Rebecca Kagan, DVM, DACVP - Using Dermestid Beetles in Forensic Cases (31:16)
  • Rolan Tripp, DVM, CABC - Dog Bite Perpetrators: Capital Punishment or Life in Confinement? (52:57)
  • Wei-Hsiang Huang, DVM - Histological, Ultrastructural, and Immunohistochemical Observations of Postmortem Changes Under Different Experimental Designs (49:48)
  • Ann Cavender, DVM, MS - The Unique Needs of Agricultural Species in Hoarding and Neglect Cases (57:31) 
  • Brian Holoyda, MD, MPH - Bestiality in the United States: Legal and Psychiatric Perspectives (43:24)
  • Adam W. Stern - An Update on the Use of a Human Semenogelin Membrane Strip Test For Use in Dogs (13:47)
  • Servio Reis, DVM, Msc - Application of Forensic Protocol on Animal Welfare in an Investigation of Animal Abuse in a Dog Shelter (47:31)
  • Jim Crosby, CBCC-KA - Fatal Dog Bite Investigations: Working the Worst (59:03)


Each section requires an additional purchase to gain access.

This entire series of videos will take you approximately 20 hours to complete. Upon completion, you must pass a quiz. After successfully passing the quiz, you will be able to return to QuickReg and print a certificate.