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Submission of a concept is required for all proposed investigations involving analyses using existing data sets hosted by the Southern HIV and Alcohol Research Consortium (SHARC). Concept submission is done through the Canvas site. The site is used to identify investigators working on the concept and to describe the concept. Concept Investigators will also receive feedback on their concept through Canvas once it is approved.

A. Concept Investigators
Each concept will have a Lead Investigator, who will be the primary point of contact for the concept, who will provide updates on the status of the concept, and who will initially lead the writing group for the concept. Students and non-faculty collaborators should identify at least one faculty member as a Faculty Sponsor. Students or faculty who are unaffiliated (external) to SHARC should also identify a collaborator (sponsor) who is currently an affiliated SHARC faculty member. Additional persons who will be collaborating on a concept project should also be listed as Concept Investigators.

B. Types of Concepts 
Concepts can be submitted to request approval for analysis of existing data or to conduct an ancillary project (add new data collection or modify an existing project).

Concepts related to existing data or specimens: The SHARC HIV database repository includes data from several ongoing and previously completed projects. Each dataset will have a Principal Investigator, most datasets will also have a Project Review Committee and/or a list of additional investigators who should be invited to be part of a Writing Committee. Information about each available dataset is listed on the SHARC web site. Concept investigators should indicate which dataset they are interested in, and provide a summary of the key variables of interest. Requests for access to study specimens (e.g. blood in our repository) may require additional review.

Ancillary Projects. Proposed investigations involving the collection of new data (questionnaires, clinical and physical measures), modification of consent forms, or modification of study procedures will be considered Ancillary Projects. Ancillary projects will undergo additional review related to the types of resources needed to modify an existing project, and to consider the potential burden on study participants or research staff. Depending on the extent of the request, Ancillary Projects may require review by the SHARC Executive Committee and/or a Community Advisory Board.

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