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Preceptorship Program


The Preceptorship Program is a non-degree offering program that is designed to offer national and international dentists, researchers, and scholars an opportunity to spend a specified amount of time in residence at the University of Florida College of Dentistry pursuing educational enrichment, collaboration and study. No direct patient care is included in this experience.

* Note to Internationally-Educated Dentists: This program WILL NOT prepare dentists to become licensed to practice dentistry in Florida. If you are interested in practicing dentistry in Florida, you will need a dental degree from an ADA-accredited dental school in order to be eligible to take the Florida Dental License examination



  • The term of the preceptorship can vary from one month to one year, beginning July 1 of each year.
  • Following approval of the preceptee’s application for study, a primary faculty preceptor, and when appropriate additional preceptor(s), will be identified and an academic schedule will be developed that may include rotations, seminars, classes and/or other enrichment experiences.
  • All preceptees are expected to be able to understand and speak English so that their educational experience is optimized. Upon arrival, should it be determined that the preceptee lacks sufficient ability to speak and understand English, we reserve the right to require that the preceptee enroll in classes offered through the University of Florida prior to or simultaneous with study at the COD. The cost of this enrollment, if required, will be in addition to the cost of the preceptorship fee.
  • Because of the high cost of health care in the United States, the federal government requires that all visiting scholars from abroad and accompanying dependents be covered by adequate health and accident insurance while in this country. Failure to carry adequate insurance may lead to termination of the preceptorship status. Further information about health insurance for international students and preceptors is available at: Insurance Information.
  • Upon completion of the program, the preceptee will receive a Certificate of Participation issued by the College of Dentistry, Office of Continuing Education. This certificate is not the same as a postgraduate program certificate awarded to full-time postgraduate students in specialty training and is not considered to be evidence of advanced study or recognition of specialty training in the United States.


  • The fee for participation in the Preceptorship Program will be determined by the sponsoring department in consultation with CDE assistant dean and will vary based on level of experience and stated desired outcome. This amount does not include the cost of transportation, housing, food or other personal expenses.
  • The cost of mandatory English classes (if required) will be in addition to the fee amount cited above.
  • For programs lasting three months or less, the entire non-refundable fee is due one month before the preceptorship begins.
  • For programs lasting longer than three months, non-refundable quarterly payments will be due one month before the program begins and every three months thereafter until the preceptorship ends.
  • CDE will collect, process, and track all payments.


Registration is currently closed