2020 Precision Medicine Conference

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Clinical Pharmacogenomics Pre-Conference + 2020 Precision Medicine Conference
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2046 NE Waldo Road
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Clinical Pharmacogenomics Pre-Conference 

These sessions will provide the latest update on emerging topics in pharmacogenomics.  Attendees will learn from pharmacogenomics implementation leaders about their real world-experiences with using pharmacogenomics in the clinic, describe the regulatory oversight and need for evidence-based pharmacogenomic testing, as well as discuss the hottest topics in clinical pharmacogenomics today.

UF Precision Medicine Conference

The UF Precision Medicine Conference puts attendees at the forefront of precision medicine implementation. Learn about the current state of knowledge and emerging trends for bringing genomic medicine and pharmacogenomics into the clinic.  This two-day series of interactive presentations and panel sessions will feature some of the nation's leading experts on emerging topics in precision medicine.   The agenda will focus on real-world successes, challenges, approaches, and techniques as we all prepare for precision medicine implementation.

The 2020 Precision Medicine Conference is hosted by leaders who are highly regarded in the fields of pharmacogenomics and genomic medicine from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy and the UF Health Personalized Medicine Program.