7th Annual Veterinary Forensic Sciences Conference, 2014

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7th Annual Veterinary Forensic Sciences Conference, Part 2
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7th Annual Veterinary Forensic Sciences Conference, 2014 (Part 2)

Welcome to the 7th Annual Veterinary Forensic Sciences Conference series!
This program is divided into 3 sections.

Part 1: Lectures by the following speakers, $75

  • Wei-Hsian Huang, DVM- Evaluating Postmortem Interval
  • Patricia Norris, DVM and Inv. Robin Gojkovich- Marathon Dog Fighting Case
  • Stephen O'Brien-The Birth of Genomic Pawprints
  • Simon Newbery, BSc (Hons)- Vets as Expert Witnesses
  • Sheilah Robertson, BVMS (Hons)- Assessing Pain in Animals
  • Emily Davidsohn and Linda Fielder- Case Studies in Humane Law Enforcement
  • Frank van de Goot, DVM- Dating of Injury: The Human Approach in Veterinary Forensics


Part 2: Lectures by the following speakers, $75

  • Adriana de Siqueira, DVM- Illegal Hunting of Coatis
  • John Cooper, DTVM- Murders, Maggots and Magistrates
  • Margaret Cooper- The Wildlife Law Framework: A Multinational Perspective
  • Servio Reis, DVM- Brazilian Veterinary Forensic Medicine Association
  • Adam Stern, DVM- Examination of Sexually Abused Animals
  • Fernanda Salvagni, DVM- When Protectors become Perpetrators
  • Randall Lockwood, Ph.D. and Rob Reisman, DVM- Unconventional Sources of Evidence
  • Amanda MacDonald- Trinucleotide Microsatellites applicable to Wildlife


Part 3: Lectures by the following speakers, $75

  • Anna Maria, DVM- Veterinary Malpractice
  • Nanny Wenzlow, DVM- Update to the use of RNA in Postmortem Interval
  • Erika Geraldo, DVM- Cruelty in Wild and Exotic Animals
  • Richard Hill, MA- Starvation and Weight Loss in Dogs and Cats
  • Grant Miller, DVM- Equine Humane Case Review
  • Martine de Wit, DVM- Human Related Deaths in Florida Manatees
  • Tabitha Viner, DVM- National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Lab
  • Patricia Norris, DVM- Surviving Veterinary Board Reviews and DEA Investigations


Each section requires an additional purchase to gain access.

This entire series of videos will take you approximately 17 hours to complete. Upon completion of each section, you must pass a quiz. After successfully passing the quiz, you will be able to return to QuickReg and print a certificate.

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