IVFSA 2014, 7th Annual Conference

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IVFSA 2014, Part 2
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352-265-0680, ext. 72047
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Gainesville, Florida 32608

Welcome to the IVFSA 2014 Conference series, part 2!

Part 2: Lectures by the following speakers

  • Adriana de Siqueira, DVM- Illegal Hunting of Coatis
  • John Cooper, DTVM- Murders, Maggots and Magistrates
  • Margaret Cooper- The Wildlife Law Framework: A Multinational Perspective
  • Servio Reis, DVM- Brazilian Veterinary Forensic Medicine Association
  • Adam Stern, DVM- Examination of Sexually Abused Animals
  • Fernanda Salvagni, DVM- When Protectors become Perpetrators
  • Randall Lockwood, Ph.D. and Rob Reisman, DVM- Unconventional Sources of Evidence
  • Amanda MacDonald- Trinucleotide Microsatellites applicable to Wildlife

Part 2 series of videos will take you approximately  5 hours to complete. Upon completion, you must pass a quiz. After successfully passing the quiz, you will be able to return to QuickReg and print a certificate.