Pain Assessment and Management Initiative (PAMI)

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655 West 8th Street
University of Florida, College of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine
Jacksonville, Florida 32209

PAMI offers free CEU/CME credits for healthcare professionals. Each learning module topics cover how to assess, manage and treat pain in emergent situations. Module range from 1 to 2 hour credits. To access additional education resources, such as simulation scenarios, dosing cards, tools and toolkits click on the PAMI website link:

To move forward in the PAMI Quick Registration process, you will need a Gator Link username and password. A Gator Link will provide you access to enroll in online CEU/CME courses at University of Florida. Click “Enroll in the activity” to create a Gator Link or to log in with your current Gator Link.

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**When creating a UF Gatorlink ID, you will need to create a password that is at least 8 characters, has a combination of the following 3 out of 4 options: 1 special character (!@#$%), uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. The password cannot be a dictionary word or contain a string of numbers or letters on the keyboard (i.e. QWERTY; 123456, GHJKL, etc...). An example of a password would be: Ga!oruf.

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