Could Periodontal Disease be a Risk Factor for Cancer?

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Could Periodontal Disease be a Risk Factor for Cancer?
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Recent studies indicate the increasing role of oral microbiome in the development and progression of oral cancer. This seminar will focus on the demographics, clinical presentations and risk factors associated with oral and oro-digestive cancers.

Course Objectives

  • Familiarize the participants with the clinical presentation of oral cancer.
  • Describe the molecular mechanisms associated with squamous cell carcinoma (scc) of the oral cavity
  • Discuss the changing profile of risk factors associated with SCC
  • Discuss the HPV family in the context of cervical and oral cancer
  • Discuss the detrimental effects of HPV on tumor suppressor genes in epithelial cells
  • Discuss interaction between HPV and the oral microbiome
  • Discuss interrelations between oral SCC and hematological cancers
  • Evaluate the effects of HPV vaccination and oral cancer
  • Discuss HPV as an potential occupational hazard in the dental team
  • Discuss potential expansion of HPV vaccination in bone marrow transplants cancer patients.
  • Discuss the involvement of oral microorganisms in the etiology of other cancers