The Ultimate Guidebook in Managing Peri-Implant Diseases

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The Ultimate Guidebook in Managing Peri-Implant Diseases
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While many dental implants have been successfully placed, current data demonstrates inflammation associated with implants is commonplace and can result in loss of the implant with failure rates continuing to be at an all-time high. Long-term implant success can depend on quality prevention, treatment and maintenance. The dental team (especially the dental hygienist) requires successful systems and tools to enhance longevity and implant health.


  • Create effective oral hygiene protocols for the implant patient
  • Incorporate safe techniques for at-the-chair anti-inflammatory biofilm control with innovative technology including air medicinal delivery
  • Examine considerations for local versus systemic antibiotics in detoxification/decontamination of implants and consider the role of laser
  • Review billing codes and patient scripting for case acceptance


Registration is currently closed