IVFSA 2014, 7th Annual Conference

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IVFSA 2014, Part 3
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352-265-0680, ext. 72047
4800 SW 35th Drive
Gainesville, Florida 32608

Welcome to the IVFSA 2014 Conference series, part 3!
This program is divided into 3 sections.

Part 3: Lectures by the following speakers

  • Anna Maria, DVM- Veterinary Malpractice
  • Nanny Wenzlow, DVM- Update to the use of RNA in Postmortem Interval
  • Erika Geraldo, DVM- Cruelty in Wild and Exotic Animals
  • Richard Hill, MA- Starvation and Weight Loss in Dogs and Cats
  • Grant Miller, DVM- Equine Humane Case Review
  • Martine de Wit, DVM- Human Related Deaths in Florida Manatees
  • Tabitha Viner, DVM- National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Lab
  • Patricia Norris, DVM- Surviving Veterinary Board Reviews and DEA Investigations

Part 3 series of videos will take you approximately 5 hours to complete. Upon completion of each section, you must pass a quiz. After successfully passing the quiz, you will be able to return to QuickReg and print a certificate.