Cultivating Community Change: Social Marketing to Encourage Environmental Behaviors

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Social marketing is a proven behavior-change strategy that applies traditional marketing principles to behavior change that benefits a community and its residents. This approach has been applied to natural resources preservation, energy use reduction, water conservation, and other environmental behaviors. This 8-12 hour, self-paced online certificate program was designed to provide an overview of this strategy as applied to Extension and outreach programming.

Modules include: 

  • Module #1 Creating Behavior Change through Educational Programming
  • Module #2 Defining Social Marketing
  • Module #3 Making Behaviors Attractive with Social Marketing
  • Module #4 The Process of Change
  • Module #5 Strategic and Research-based Program Planning
  • Module #6 Research Options and Researching the Audience 
  • Module #7 The Social Marketing Toolbox
  • Module #8 Piloting, Implementing, and Evaluating Behavior Change Programs

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