Animal Anti-Cruelty Workshop 2013, Lee County

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Animal Anti-Cruelty Workshop 2013, Lee County
Any time

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352-265-0680, ext. 72047
4800 SW 35th Drive
Gainesville, Florida 32608

Welcome to the Animal Anti-Cruelty Workshop!

Planning ahead is vital to the success of the case when you are presented with a large scale seizure.  This course will outline the key steps in ensuring a successful response to Animal Cruelty Investigations.

In this series, you will watch these speakers:

  • Adam Leath
  • John S. Craven
  • Amanda Fitch
  • Kyle Held
  • Dr. Rhonda Windham
  • Jerry Olivo and Danielle Butler
  • Stacy Wolf, Esq. & Jennifer Chin, Esq.
  • George O'Brien

The entire series of videos will take you approximately 8 hours to complete. Upon completion, you must pass a quiz. After successfully passing the quiz, you will be able to return to QuickReg and print a certificate.  The CEU value is 0.7.


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