How to be a Great Online or Hybrid TA

Activity Details

Any time

Contact Information

352 294-0810
1772 Stadium Rd.
Gainesville, Florida 32611

Learn about teaching best practice and campus resources that will help you get up to speed quickly. Complete four required modules plus choose two optional modules to earn your certificate of completion.

  • Quality interaction (required)
  • Reciprocity and cooperation (optional)
  • Active learning (required)
  • Prompt feedback (recommended for TAs who will be grading)
  • Time on task (required)
  • Respect diverse talents (required)
  • Expertise in subject and teaching (optional)
  • Canvas Practice (optional)

This workshop will earn credit towards your certificate of participation in the Teaching More Effectively Workshop Series.  Estimated time to complete the full workshop is 4 - 5 hours (depending upon your choice of optional modules.)