Horse Genetics Spring 2017

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Lab 330G CGRC
2033 Mowry Road
Gainesville, Florida 32610

Welcome to Horse Genetics Online!  This short extension course focuses on making recent developments in horse genetics accessible and applicable for the everyday horse person. Although some prior knowledge in basic genetics is helpful, it's not essential for completing this course. 

At the conclusion of this course students will have the ability to:

  • Use the principles of inheritance to predict phenotype, based on genotype.
  • Evaluate pedigree records for genetic health as well as marketability.
  • Describe the symptoms and implications of genetic disease in the horse.
  • Understand the complexity of genetic diversity, breeds and registries.
  • Advantageously utilize available genetic tests to plan a breeding program. 


This equine genetics course is 100% online, with weekly modules that can be fulfilled according to the student's personal time schedule. At each week, a new subject in the equine genetics will be approached, for a total of SIX modules. In each module, the student will find pages with suggested reading and instructions, two narrated slideshows, comprehension tests and activities. The subjects covered in this course will include basic mendelian genetics, equine genome, coat color and patterns of white, parentage testing, genetic diseases, gait and other subjects of common interest.

Pass the course and earn your completion certificate in horse genetics.

Registration is currently closed