11th Annual Veterinary Forensic Sciences Conference, 2018

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11th Annual Veterinary Forensic Sciences Conference, 2018 (Part 2)
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11th Annual Veterinary Forensic Science Conference. 

IVFSA 2018 (Part 2)

Welcome to the IVFSA 2018 Conference Series, Part 2 of 3!
This program is divided into 3 sections.


Part 1: Lectures by the following speakers, $75 

  • Honorable Thomas A. Balmer, Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court - Animal Cruelty in the Context of the Larger Mission of the Justice System (42:14)
  • Dr. Frank van de Goot - Limiting Studies: a Scientific Way to Include or Exclude Possibilities (39:48)
  • Brad Nichols, Calgary Humane Society - Applying the IVFSA / American Model in Canada (39:07)
  • Samantha Barley, Dogs Trust London - Companion Animal Neglect in the UK (35:51)
  • Emily Davidsohn, Investigations Attorney / Kris Otteman, Vice President, Shelter Medicine & Investigations, Oregon Humane Society - See Something, Say Something: The Veterinarian's Duty to Report (44:40)
  • Adam Stern, University of Illinois - An Overview of the Forensic Necropsy (41:59)
  • Dr. Sharon Ostermann / Jeremiah Garrido / Julia Malvick / Alexandra Ellis - Multidisciplinary Effort to Identify the Silicon Valley Neighborhood Cat Killer (44:29)

Part 2: Lectures by the following speakers, $75 

  • Linda Fielder, Director: Shelter Medicine & Investigations, Oregon Humane Society - History of Investigations at the Oregon Humane Society (48:44)

  • Diane Balkin, Criminal Justice Program, Animal Legal Defense Fund - Plea Bargain or Trial: What Affects Cruelty Case Outcomes (51:17)
  • Servio Tulio Reis, Federal Forensic Expert, President, Brazilian Legal Veterinary Medicine Association - Veterinary Forensic Sciences in Brazil (36:59)
  • Doris M. Miller, University of Georgia - Evaluation and Characterization of Canine Hypothermia and Hyperthermia Cases (33:51)
  • Sean P. McDonough, Cornell University - Reduction of Racehorse Fatalities Using an Integrated Investigative Approach (45:33)
  • Ann Cavender, Salem Veterinary Services - Dogs at Large, Dead Livestock and a Community Divided: A Case Study Involving Predation, Scene Documentation, Lost and Found Evidence (40:59)
  • Julia Malvick, VGL Forensics - Furensics: Investigating Animal Cruelty Crimes Through DNA (46:10)
  • Mariel Everson, Sao Paulo State University - Methods to Analyze the Correlation Between Domestic Violence and Crimes Against Animals (28:54)
  • Melinda Merck, Veterinary Forensics Consulting, LLC - Truth or Fiction: Analysis of Patterned Injuries (59:03)

Part 3: Lectures by the following speakers, $75 

  • Jason Byrd, Associate Director - Maples Center for Forensic Medicine, University of Florida - What's Bugging You? Entomological Evidence Recovery and Collection in Unique Environments (46:13)
  • Peggy Link, Coordinator - Certificate in Animal Welfare Investigations, Unitec Institute of Technology, Aukland, New Zealand - Front Forensics: The Importance of Training Humane Law Enforcement Professionals in Veterinary Science (42:04)
  • Sean P. McDonough, Cornell University - Animal Cruelty of Neglect: Extreme Hair Matting (45:44)
  • Patricia Norris, North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Regulatory Medicine Investigations: Using Principals of Veterinary Forensics and Multi-Agency Coordination (47:16)
  • Nici Vance, Senior Forensic Scientist, Forensic Services Division / Forensic Anthropologist, Medical Examiner Division, Portland Metro Laboratory -  I Dig Your Bones: Forensic Anthropology in the Pacific Northwest (49:17)
  • Brad Nichols, Calgary Humane Society / Margaret Doyle, Forensic Veterinarian - Management of Large Scale Hoarding Cases (46:11)

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