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One of the best ways to get involved is by joining the SHARC Professional Development program. It is a self-guided Canvas course designed to improve leadership and research skills through oral and written communications. The goal for each participant is to grow research skills and an appreciation for the multi-disciplinary aspect of HIV and substance use knowledge. The program is available to anyone interested in research.

Currently, there are three levels (or modules) with a series of tasks and goals listed in each.

Level 1 is designed to introduce the participant to SHARC and familiarize them with our work and personnel. Training in IRB and research is also included.
Time involved: 5-20 hours (depending on person)

Level II is designed to get the participant involved and integrated into the various projects and activities related to SHARC. The participant is expected to attend lectures, webinars, identify a mentor and begin thinking about a research concept.
Time involved: 10-30 hours (depending on person)

Level III is designed to get the participant involved in a leadership role. There is no specified time period allotted to each level. However, some activities (i.e.: community service) will only take place in some semesters. Each participant follows a unique path based on their experience and level in academics or in the field. The participant is expected to lead a working group and to complete a paper.
Time involved: 10-40 hours (depending on person)

As a participant follows the program, a mentor will be established and a research topic of interest will be determined. If the topic is SHARC related, the student will be able to work towards gaining access to SHARC data (for papers, posters, abstracts, etc.) and resources. SHARC’s goal is to increase the number of presentations, papers, and posters presented in the scientific community. The benefit to the participant is access to multiple HIV/Alcohol databases and monetary support (Level III) for conferences and/or paper submissions.