Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation Program

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Forensic Rehabilitation Consultation 3
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1225 Center Drive
Room 4181
Gainesville, Florida 32610

Students will be introduced to the Federal Rules of Evidence and the key evidentiary standards such as Frye, Kumho, and Daubert. Students will learn about legal processes related to providing expert testimony such as subpoena, notice to appear, and motions to limit expert testimony. Students will be introduced to the process of trial preparation, courtroom etiquette, and presentation of your opinions. Each student will be required to prepare a comprehensive vocational report that includes the composite of the evaluation data, records, and opinion foundation.  

Please note that this is the last course in a 3-course program. Upon completion of this course, you will be awarded a certificate by the Universty of Florida.

When you register for this course you will have 6 months (180 days) to complete it before your access expires. There are no extension options once you reach your course expiration date. 

For additional program information and the withdrawal policy visit: