Online Continuing Education Program in Tourism Crisis Management

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The Online Continuing Education Program in Tourism Crisis Management is strictly targeted to tourism industry destination professionals who wish to build their skills related to crisis reduction, readiness, response, and recovery from natural- and human-induced disasters that might affect their town, city, county, state, or country. A major outcome of the program entails establishing the tools and framework for the development of a tourism crisis management plan for the destination. The formulation and maintenance of a tourism crisis management plan will enable the DMO to mitigate economic, environmental, and social consequences. The overall aim of the program is to prepare DMO professionals in the development of programs, policies, and plans that relate to the following.

The dates for the next offering of this is a synchronous course will be announced when available.

Learning Objectives

  • To enable DMOs to prepare for crisis events that may affect the well-being of their business and the tourism industry in general.
  • To enable DMOs to respond to eventual crises and protect visitors, employees, destination operations, and properties and help partners by leading in protection of the image of the community or state as a viable visitor and meetings destination.
  • To enable the affected destination to recover as soon as possible.
  • To engage industry professionals in shared learning that will build cooperation and information sharing among all vested destination partners.
  • To provide an opportunity to create resources for assistance in the event of a crisis that may affect tourism business in a destination

For additional information about the Online Continuing Education Program in Tourism Crisis Management, please visit the Tourism Crisis Management Institute's website through the following link:

Registration is currently closed